Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! Check our Shipping & Returns page for further information.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact us via email. We usually reply in less than 12 hours!

Our customer service email is info@kaelestijewels.com

Will My Jewelry Tarnish?

With proper care, your jewelry will not tarnish for a long time. Most of our jewelry is 18k gold-plated, so you will be able to rock them daily well after your big day

How Do I Take Care Of My Pieces?

Regular cleaning and upkeep are needed to keep your jewelry lasting many lifetimes.

We recommend putting the jewelry on last and take them off first. They are vulnerable to chemicals found in cosmetics, hair spray, lotions, soaps, perfume, or oils. Wiping it down with warm water after used can restore its shininess.

All Kaelesti Jewels Carefully cut in our jewellery box and we recommend storing them in a dark and dry place to avoid exposure to moisture.

 Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes absolutely! Please email info@kaelestijewels to inquire about our wholesale process. We look forward to collaborating and doing business with you.