At Kaelesti Jewels we are inspired by The Divine Woman. Who is she?  She is the sacred essence of every woman. Undefined by other’s opinions or beliefs. She is a creative force unto herself.

For as long as I could remember I have always been obsessed with jewellery and have always found myself making my own. It was only until planning my own wedding that Kaelesti Jewels was finally created, something I feel that was bound to happen.

I was searching for something that was of high-quality, uniquely bridal, timeless and something I absolutely loved. Everywhere I looked though, nothing was really calling or a true reflection of my personal style. The perfect wedding accessories seemed to be only but a dream.

After endless searching and scouting, I decided to start this brand in hopes of solving this problem and making this process easier for all future brides.

I created Kaelesti with an intention in mind: to combine traditional and modern elegance, a blend of classic and atypical. Natural and simple, matched with some bold accents, with each trend-setting piece carefully considered and designed to best represent our brides.

I hope you fall in love with #kaelestijewels.